Reading Programs are Not Created Equal

Reading Programs are Not Created Equal

Reading Programs are not Created Equal

All teachers want their students to learn to read, but many simply do not have a source of good, reliable information about what constitutes an effective evidence based reading program for their dyslexic students.

If your child is dyslexic and not learning to read at the pace of his or her peers, you must ask the teacher about the what reading program, if any they are using.  Many teachers consider “giving the child extra help” either with a co-teacher or perhaps some one on one help at recess specialized instruction.  This type of approach is not helpful for the dyslexic child.  Many years of research have proven that a dyslexic child needs an evidenced based sequential reading program.  There are many good programs for educators today.  For example, by far my favorite is the S.P.I.R.E program, others are Recipe for Reading and reading recovery, all evidenced based sequential programs

Once you determine if your child is receiving adequate instruction in  the area of reading you can begin to relax.  If a child receives the appropriate instruction they will learn to read.   There are two approaches to helping dyslexic children learn to read following a sequential sequence and both are meant for young children who have early signs of reading problems.  In one, a highly structured and comprehensive reading curriculum is administered to the entire class of at risk children, however, if dyslexia is moderate to severe the child will do best in a small group approach or a one to one instruction approach.

Be sure to inquire about the reading program the school is using, and have your child tested for dyslexia as early as possible so that you can create an individual education plan for your child.  Remember, just because your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia does not mean the school is providing the appropriate intervention.  Be sure to inquire about the reading program they are using and how many children will be in the classroom.  Dyslexic children learn best in very small groups or with one to one instruction.


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